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Annual Fund Giving FAQ

Learn More About the Annual Fund


Membership levels and benefits are changing for the 2019-20 season! Please click here to learn more.

What does my gift support?

Contributions made to the Annual Fund support The Philadelphia Orchestra’s general operating expenses. This includes everything from our musicians’ salaries, fees for the finest guest artists and conductors, and touring to funding our Neighborhood Concerts and Student Open Rehearsals. Your support is integral to our success!

What is the tax-deductibility of my gift?
The tax-deductibility of your gift can be found on the back-side of your receipt, in our literature, and also on our website.

When do my tickets for Open Rehearsals expire?
Memberships and benefits, including tickets for Open Rehearsals, expire one year from your gift date. If your membership has expired, renew your gift today!

How can I get extra Open Rehearsal tickets?
Open Rehearsal tickets are an exclusive membership benefit for Annual Fund donors. If you have used all your tickets and would like to make an additional contribution for more tickets, please contact the Annual Fund office at 215.893.3151.

When are the Open Rehearsals?
For an up-to-date list of Open Rehearsals, please visit our website at www.philorch.org/open-rehearsals.

What if I do not want to receive benefits?
Simply indicate with your gift that you wish it to be fully tax-deductible. If you have already received benefits and would like your gift to be fully tax-deductible, please return your original acknowledgment, tax receipt, membership card, and all benefits to:

The Philadelphia Orchestra
Annual Fund Office
One South Broad Street | 14th Floor
Philadelphia, PA | 19107

 A new acknowledgment and tax receipt will be sent for your records.

What is the difference between giving to the Annual Fund and the Endowment Fund?
Gifts to the Annual Fund support the general operating expenses for The Philadelphia Orchestra. Your gift provides you a one-year membership, along with exclusive membership benefits. Contributions made to the Endowment Fund are generally one-time larger gifts that support the lasting legacy of The Philadelphia Orchestra and are fully tax-deductible with no membership benefits. For more information on making a gift to the Endowment or Planned Gifts, please call 215.893.1916.



For any other questions not listed above please call The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Annual Fund office at 215.893.3151.