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2015 Europe, May 24-25: Dresden

May 26, 2015

The Orchestra arrived in Dresden and had just a few hours before they were due at the Semperoper. The following day, May 25, was not only Memorial Day in the U.S. but Whit Monday (the day after Pentecost) in much of Europe, including Germany. Many businesses in Dresden were closed and many of its residents ventured south to sunny climates for the long weekend.

Acting Associate Principal Cello Yumi Kendall and Assistant Principal Bass Joseph Conyers relax at one of the many charming street cafés in Dresden. Photo by Jan Regan.

Assistant Conductor Lio Kuokman opts for a traditional bratwurst for a late afternoon snack. Photo by Jan Regan.

There was just a short time in Dresden before a sound check at the Semperoper prior to the concert. Principal Horn Jennifer Montone strolls with her sons, Max and Felix, and her husband, Tim, who have joined her on the Tour. Photo by Jan Regan.

Co-Principal Trombone Matthew Vaughn takes a snapshot of Associate Concertmaster Ying Fu and his wife, Lihua Fang, from the dome of the Frauenkirche overlooking the Elbe River and the historic center of Dresden, much of which was destroyed in World War II and since rebuilt. Photo by Eric Carlson.

Many musicians decided to visit Neurathen Castle and the famous Bastei Rocks, near Rathen, which is about 20 miles from Dresden. Neurathen was once the largest rock castle in the region. Today, only the rooms carved out of the rock, passages, the cistern, and rebate joints for the timber of the former wooden superstructure are all that survive. Photo by Jan Regan.

The scene of Neurathen Castle and the Bastei Rocks is among the most photographed locations in Europe. Photo by Jan Regan.