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2019 China, May 27: Shanghai

June 03, 2019

Luggage collection begins in the hotel lobby for the majority of the tour party who are returning home. Photo by Chris Lee

Violinist Paul Arnold, who is also an accomplished photographer, gets in some last-minute photography. Photo by Chris Lee

Four cellists stay behind in Shanghai for one last day of residency activities, each coaching a string quartet at the Shanghai Conservatory: (left to right) Alex Veltman, Robert Cafaro, Kathryn Picht Read, and Ohad Bar-David. Photo by Chris Lee

The musicians and staff members meet with officials from the Conservatory, which is China’s first independent professional music college. It supports a high-level music research institute, a specialized music library with a large collection, a first-class museum of Asian instruments, and a unique music publishing house. Photo by Chris Lee

Robert Cafaro provides some insights with his quartet. Photo by Chris Lee

Alex Veltman with his group. Photo by Chris Lee

Ohad Bar-David makes a fine point. Photo by Chris Lee

Kathryn Picht Read goes over the score with one of her musicians. Photo by Chris Lee

The Orchestra and Conservatory musicians gather for a photo after the coaching sessions. Photo by Chris Lee

Alex Veltman in the heart of Shanghai. Photo by Chris Lee

The Shanghai skyline. Photo by Chris Lee