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Gail Ehrlich - In the Spotlight

October 30, 2017

A Monthly Profile of Orchestra Fans and Family

Gail Ehrlich doesn’t just hear The Philadelphia Orchestra. She feels it.

“Trained as a classical ballerina in my youth, I feel the joy of music not only in my heart and soul but in my joints and limbs,” she says.

A lifelong Philadelphian, Gail has been a member of the Orchestra’s Maestro’s Circle Committee since its inception and also serves on the Development Committee, putting her professional skills as a former fundraiser to work. It’s a privilege, she says, to support “the great wonder of the world that we are fortunate to have in our midst—The Philadelphia Orchestra”—and the musicians whose camaraderie and “mind-boggling display of talent, intelligence, and devotion to music” are unsurpassed.

Gail is an especially ardent supporter of the Orchestra’s Open Rehearsals. “My involvement in the Open Rehearsal program is legendary, and my dedication to it has been called relentless by the staff and musicians,” she says.

Open Rehearsals provide an exclusive opportunity for members of the Orchestra family to experience an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at a working session of the Fabulous Philadelphians. “For me and so many other passionate fans, the privilege of being present to witness and experience the art as it is being created is nothing short of magical.

“I received my musical education from my late husband,” she adds. “He was a highly knowledgeable and scholarly Wagnerian, who—though not by vocation—was devoted to classical music.” Her musical children and grandchildren, she says, all contribute to her continuing education.

“Every concert, every rehearsal, every event with Orchestra members brings so much joy to my life. Every member of this breathtaking ensemble, many of whom have become close personal friends, have my gratitude and support and heartfelt thanks for their contributions to not only the City of Philadelphia but to the entire world.”

Gail and her late husband, Dr. George E. Ehrlich, lived in Switzerland in the mid-1980s. “We traveled extensively throughout Europe and got to hear many major orchestras in their respective halls,” she says, “so I learned to differentiate their sounds. I truly believe that the best is here and now in Philadelphia.”

Gail describes herself as “intensely private,” but welcomes any opportunity to talk about the Philadelphians.

“I have multiple performance subscriptions and welcome anyone to greet me in my First Tier Box seats so that we can marvel together about the magnificence that we are hearing.”