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Inspirations: Juliette Kang

October 07, 2019

Our next playlist in our Inspirations series showcases an inside look at the music that inspires First Associate Concertmaster Juliette Kang! For more playlists from artists in our WomenNOW series, be sure to follow The Philadelphia Orchestra on Spotify!

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Inspirations: Juliette Kang

k.d. lang: Constant Craving—“I don’t remember how I first heard this song (on the radio maybe?), but I heard it a lot back home in Canada. Maybe it’s because k.d. lang is a fellow Albertan! I absolutely love her vocal quality, talent, and persona, all of which really shine in this song.”

Katy Perry: Roar—“This song was huge when my daughter was in second grade. I remember seeing a group of kids (both girls and boys) marching down the street singing this song at the top of their lungs and it just seemed so empowering and uplifting, like an empowerment anthem. Plus, I think Katy Perry is a great artist!”

Frozen: Let It Go from “Frozen”—“Not only is it a great song, but what amazed me about it when it first came out was how kids knew it before they could even talk! THAT’s the communicative power of music!”

Patsy Cline: Walkin’ After Midnight—Driving through Winchester, VA often (Patsy Cline’s hometown) on our way to play chamber music, we listen to her songs and feel a strong sense of place and region in her music—the same way I feel about hearing Dvořák or Bartók. Maybe akin to folk tradition? And it’s kind of a heartbreaker!”

Mendelssohn/Bruch Violin Concertos by Anne-Sophie Mutter with Berlin Philharmonic and Herbert von Karajan (album)—“This was one of the first recordings I ever listened to! I was already playing the violin and had this on cassette tape. I went to sleep listening to it most nights.”

Paganini: Caprice Nos. 5, 17, 24 by Midori—"Just complete jaw-dropping virtuosity!”

Schubert: String Quartet No. 14, “Death and the Maiden” by Alban Berg Quartet—“Schubert is one of my favorite composers, and this is my favorite performance of one of his most famous works!”

Joan Tower: String Quartet No. 5, “Whitewater” by Daedalus Quartet—“Joan Tower is an iconic female composer who wrote this work for my husband’s quartet. And she shares my birthday (September 6)!”