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Making Sisters Fly

June 04, 2012


Whether you’re an opera buff, familiar with the movie Apocalypse Now, or can simply whistle the main theme to "The Ride of The Valkyries," I’m pretty certain you’ll want to know how we are going to get our Valkyries off the ground later this month!

In this video I’d like to tell how I envisage making the Wagnerian heroine Brünnhilde and her eight sisters—that’s right, eight—known as “the Valkyries” appear inside the auditorium of the Academy of Music. Join me as I show you how my simple napkin sketches get converted into cutting-edge technology.

I find it really exciting to know that you, our audience, recently chose Wagner’s great score to be played by the magnificent Philadelphia Orchestra as part of the Audience Choice Concert on Saturday, June 23. Buckle up and come see how our version of "The Ride of the Valkyries" takes us all towards the Twilight of the Gods!