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Sponsor the Orchestra

The Philadelphia Orchestra, a cornerstone of Philadelphia's history and culture, has an expanding global reach that is based upon a rich history of excellence and innovation.  We encourage companies to learn more about The Philadelphia Orchestra's many artistic, educational, community partnership, and special event programs in order to personalize your experience with us.

Why? Because the most discerning and influential decision-makers, both nationally and internationally, recognize the value of a partnership with the world-class professionals at The Philadelphia Orchestra. By creating or enhancing a relationship with the Orchestra, your corporation will enjoy these important benefits immediately:

  • Unique and effective client-based entertainment opportunities
  • Visibility at memorable events and vital media attention
  • The opportunity to support the Orchestra's passionate pursuit of educational initiatives and cultural outreach
  • Incomparable access to exclusive target audiences



In addition to The Philadelphia Orchestra's memorable concerts at Verizon Hall, the Orchestra offers a host of other concert sponsorship opportunities. Corporations have the flexibility to choose a single concert, pick and choose several performances, or even select an entire series sponsorship!

Each concert series offers unique marketing opportunities and can be used to match the philanthropic interests of any business. The following concert sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Subscription Concerts at Verizon Hall
  • Salon Series
  • The Glorious Sound of Christmas
  • College Performances
  • Neighborhood Concerts
  • Family Concerts
  • Sound All Around
  • School Concerts

When your business chooses to support the Orchestra, you receive certain benefits. The Orchestra's administrative staff provides your business with personalized and customized service for fulfillment of these special benefits.

For more information about Concert Sponsorship opportunities, please contact Doris Parent at 215.893.1984.