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Volunteer Leadership

voluteersMuch of the success of the Volunteer Committees can be attributed to its dedicated leadership. We are forever grateful to each and every Volunteer who has served as part of our Volunteer Leadership, for their endless devotion to The Philadelphia Orchestra and our Volunteer Committees. There have been only 16 presidents of the Volunteer Committees in its almost 100 year history:

Mrs. Alexander J. Dallas Dixon 1904-1912
Miss Frances A. Wister 1912-1956
Mrs. James Hatfield 1956-1978
Mrs. T. Wistar Brown 1978-1982
Mrs. John S. Newbold 1982-1985
Mrs. Herbert W. Hazen 1985-1988
Mrs. David L. Pennington 1988-1991
Mrs. Robert P. Frankel 1991-1994
Mrs. Richard B. Gould 1994-1997
Mrs. Robert N. Garrison 1997-2000
Mrs. Robert L. Stevens 2000-2003
Ms. Despina F. Page 2003-2006
Mrs. Edwin B. Mahoney 2006-2009
Mrs. Sally S. Bullard 2009-2012
Mrs. Stephanie Brandow 2012-2014
Mrs. Caroline Buck Rogers 2014-2016
Mrs. Lisa Yakulis 2016-2018

Volunteer Leadership: 2018-2019 Season

Executive Committee

Nancy Galloway, President
Dianne Rotwitt, President Elect and Vice President, Volunteer Committees
Ramona Vosbikian, Vice President, Standing and Ad Hoc Committees
Judith F. Glick, Vice President, Special Functions
Sherrin Baky-Nessler, Treasurer
Jean Park, Secretary

Governing Board

Central Committee: Marie Kenkelen
Chestnut Hill Committee: Judy Bradley and Sheila Leith
Chestnut Hill Musical Cocktails Committee: Ann Hozack
Main Line Committee: Deborah Ledley
New Jersey Committee: Richelle Rabenou
Rittenhouse Square Committee: Frances Schwartz
West Philadelphia Committee: Alice Cullen

Standing Committee Chairmen

Annual Giving Committee: Sheila Leith
Education Committee: Deborah Ledley and Ramona Vosbikian
Volunteer Archives Committee: Elizabeth A. Crowell